Problems in power

۱٫ Fluctuation moment (Spike):

Spike quickly and voltages, transients and short duration of time that the main wave power are added. These voltages can be added to both positive and negative cycles and the electrical components from the damage or destroy them. Spike by thermostats or other equipment that electrical currents are large or by load lifting Switch Power Switch are companies that are creating. Without any doubt, that lightning will strike the earth is the most serious factors in this volatility.

 ۲٫ electrical noise (NOISE):

There are a consumer in the power grid, causing noise and electromagnetic interference, radio and power lines are. To prevent this problem, the UPS system filters intended to greatly reduce the noise induced effects. Hang the computer and electrical noise can cause data loss may result.

۳٫ The instantaneous voltage (Surges):

Voltage Surges added to the main wave power Mqadyrbalatr normal amount of electricity is the main line, more than one cycle continues. Surge is off, usually after a major or minor centers may be looking at the Switch.

۴٫ Instantaneous voltage drop (Sags):

Sags are negative in terms of shape, like Spike, but its duration is higher. Switch It caused such a big load of air conditioning systems or electric motors is starting to come down if the voltage source so that the devices fail to receive an input voltage range, these devices are turned off.

۵٫ Harmonic (Harmonica):

Generally non-linear harmonic loads are created by the power of streams Balamy range kills.

Increased harmonic currents are inadequate and that this increases their effectiveness at high temperatures and increased thermal devices can damage the component.

۶٫ Long voltage drop (Under voltage):

Under voltage Sag are like, but their length is greater than the manufacturer’s regional power and in critical condition, the voltage drop may continue for several hours longer.

۷٫ Increase long-Voltage (Over Voltage):

Prolonged high voltage, it increases the damage and its cause is usually a power distribution network.

۸٫ Frequency changes (Frequency Variation):

Frequency changes due to power devices such as generators producing electricity in power plants that increase or decrease is the result of severe injury to the Msrft.

۹٫ Stopping power (Black outs):

Black outs is completely cut off electricity at the power source when it is fully working.