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Always sustainable energy

“Dear customer, you are key to our survival and sustainability” and “We’re trying to sustain your energy needs.”

Support services are unique, there are UPS and emergency cover a variety of public and private clients with different needs, including capabilities “aban” is.

Full recognition of “aban” needs today and provide theoretical and practical solutions to our specialized counseling, as a Total Solution in Power your way.

We respect the rights of consumers Vsmrh years at the level of successful projects with us your experience.

۱ – service contracts, maintenance of UPS nationwide

۲ – exclusive representation of three-phase UPS and industrial, Mark ELEN to be 800KVA.

۳ – exclusive of single phase and three phase UPS can JETPOWER to 120KVA.

۴ – U.P.S military and Mobile U.P.S.

۵ – sealed lead acid batteries and nickel cadmium 12V and 2V.

۶ – new energies

Please “If you require any information or a free consultation to professionals” aban “Please trust.

“Provide a warranty to 3 years, our quality shows.”
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